Monday, April 12, 2010


2 weddings down - 2 to go
1 week into new job - 0 cancelled trains so far
1 freelance job lost - 0 on the horizon
1 dress size down - 1 amazed me, 4 new items of clothing
5cm knitted - 25cm to go (for this panel)
4 day holiday over - 0 days on the horizon

I've been pretty busy lately. Highlights this past week (and a bit) have been the 4 days in Apollo Bay, the Easter Quilting Show, the beautiful walk to work along the Yarra and across Queens Bridge, reading a tonne of library books (most of them good,) speaking to BaSiL again after an extended abscence from the country on her part, cuddles with Franklin, the rain, getting past the annoying avalanche level of Mini Ninjas and on to the final boss battle, kitchen tea celebrations with J, spending time with Annie, anticipating ethiopian birthday celebrations with Amiriche.

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Dejin said...

Cuddles were the best bit. Hey Delia; I need your help to make my blog look nice with the pretties. Internets are hard.