Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Uniform Project

After whinging about having no skirts, this morning I went searching for a pair of pants and came across a (*gasp*) skirt! Now, I have no idea why I still have this skirt - I know I bought it on sale many years ago when I was a poor student... and you will know this too when you see the fabric it's made from! :

Yikes indeed! It's not too bad with the ensemble though...

Anyway, my treasure hunt through the closet has brought to light a few other cloth-y items that may make an appearance this week... but I'm not sure I'm quite up to this game:

 The Uniform Project finished a week ago and is a truly inspiring story of how to make your clothes look like new clothes every day, and of raising money for kids who can't afford to go to school. You may think I have the two inspiring things listed the wrong way around in the previous sentence, but charities needs the kind of creativity that is able to re-style one dress 365 times, or they get stuck in the mud of mail-outs and trash-and-treasure sales, which have run their course in many ways.

I am super impressed with this project, well done Sheena!

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