Monday, May 31, 2010

Knitting in a kn-utshell

Karolin Schnoor encapsulates knitting and what it's like (for me) extremely well for someone who says they don't know how to knit:

Knitting from the heart is the most rewarding way to knit, and it keeps your hands warm in winter.

Check out their awesome illustration folio here.

Trying New Things

This has been a week of trying new things.

This week I learned you can knit standing up on the train station talking to your friends, actually, I learned that you can knit standing up full stop! An over-the-shoulder-holds-your-knitting-type-bag is essential to this method.

Franklin learned he was good at baking this weekend too. Starting first with plain white loaves, he quickly (no thanks to our oven dying Sunday morning) progressed to Fougasse:

Which are basically fancy shaped white loaves. But my, do they look fancy!
Needless to say, they were extremely yummy and great with eggplant dip.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Winter - everyone's talking about it

So, it's cold. So it's been cold all week. And everyone is talking about it. The postman today told me that he feels we should have at least received a telegram warning us this was coming.

I thought that was taking passion for your career choice a bit far.

I have been enjoying this cold snap, personally. Yes, it's cold, but we're all wearing warm coats and colourful scarves and, some of us are rejoicing in the gloves we picked up in San Fransisco.

Cold weather is all about appreciating the freshness of things, and staying inside where the air is warm and cosy and you can be constructive, or just plain old entertained.

I have however, been thinking a lot about that knitting I started some months ago, and how it's really not getting any closer to finished... And thinking about being constructive has got me thinking about other winter-appropriate things to do that won't break the bank but will make this season a bit more joyful and cosy.

Say you know someone little that could be a bit warmer:

A PDF pattern for these cute little boots from SewingWithMe will set you back all of $4.50 (US) and you could probably use fabric you have lying about the house disguised as that jumper you don't wear anymore, or that shirt that has a soy sauce stain on the front but you haven't thrown it away yet...

Speaking of upcycling... this season is all about making one thing into another.. the challenge being, not to make it ugly...

$5.00 will get you a very pretty pattern for a seaweed-like scarf or the below capelet and a trip to Spotlight (and who hates that??) and a bit of your own time staying warm inside chatting with friends will set you up for the season of cold looking classy like you paid lots of money for your accessories. I just love that colour purple!

Personally, I plan to start knitting on the train when Franklin's back gets better and we're not standing all the way into town every day, then I will post my progress and not other peoples.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Imagination and recreation

Some people have brains that work math sums out quick-as-a-flash. Some people have imaginations that design buildings. Some people have minds that take ugly things and make them cute. We, all of us, are creative in different ways. We're an impressive species who makes up for our comparative lack of colour with colourful creations, and clothes and stuff.

Two creative people have impressed me this week.

The first is Yeondoo Jung. She is a very clever digital artist who uses a combination of photography and digital manipulation to create slightly surreal and very beautiful scenes.

In 2005, Yeondoo did a series inspired by her child's drawings. Check it!

The second person is Tim Knowles, who I know about thanks to Three Thousand which I actually started reading again lately. Anyway, Tim gives trees pens and an artboard and lets them express their emotions on paper (my interpretation)

I am quite a big fan of accidental and found art and so this particular way of going about things tickles my fancy. I also like that he couples the drawings with quality photographs of the drawing taking place. Tim has done quite a few projects that are worth a look. He constructs situations using one (or more) random element that produces an entirely unique result every time.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Commuting with Amy Adams

I catch the train to work with 'Amy Adams.'
(she starred in Sunshine Cleaning, Julie and Julia and Enchanted
for those who don't know her)

I love how Amy Adams dresses, just like Amy Adams would, in beige and browns, small pea coats and tailored skirts. Just like she was going to work at an office job!

I love how seeing Amy Adams in the morning makes me happier in my day because I start hearing the songs from Enchanted in my head ('sing a happy little working song',)  and dreaming that this silly little blog would be read by hundreds of people who  like to know how I make crafty pretty stuff (my version) and wish they had my life (my extremely self-centred version.)

Today Amy Adams brought to my attention that Melbournians love colourful umbrellas! We may dress in black year round, and we may have gone a bit crazy for those shorts that came in this summer and have yet to be shelved by most of Melbourne's under-25s, but we all seem to love a good, quirky, colourful umbrella. Amy Adam's umbrella was clear with a white edge and quite domed. Tres chic. Tres Amy Adams in work-wear.

This morning on my (to say the least) not-very-classy train station I saw leopard print, frills, cherries and polka-dots, beer logos on golf umbrellas, rainbow stripes, silver and gold and a myriad of colours. I was quite impressed with us Melbourne, so thank you once again Amy Adams.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Backpacks as an art form

I'm shopping for a back pack. And I've decided I want a good one - one that's cool and that I'm not going to want to swap for a handbag for a very long time.

My Chiropractor suggested I find one approved by the Chiropractic Association of Australia.

This is not going to happen.

However, in my research, I have discovered that back packs in Japan are ART.

 There's many more - but my lunch break is over now.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Fashion Projects Continued...

Continuing in the 'Fashion Projects' theme (see a few posts ago) today I read this hilarious article on men's fashion called 'My Week in Catwalk Clothes' by Tim Elliot.

I didn't think the fashion world would be OK with coining the term 'meggings' but apparently it's official terminology.

To throw you a quick quote to whet your appetite (ie. make you want to read the article):

Don't worry: meggings are perfectly safe. According to New York magazine, they can be worn year-round “as a fun way to practise layering, mix up everyday proportions, and stay warm”. Along with other unorthodox items of men's fashion – such as harem pants, fishnet T-shirts and hooded shrouds – meggings are part of what you are likely to see on the catwalk at Australian Fashion Week, which starts on Monday: a bold re-imagining of what men – Australian men, in particular – could look like if only they loosened up a bit. In the words of the New Zealand-born Melbourne designer Brent Zaicek: “Men's fashion has been boring for so long in this country that men themselves are now looking to break out.”