Thursday, May 06, 2010

Commuting with Amy Adams

I catch the train to work with 'Amy Adams.'
(she starred in Sunshine Cleaning, Julie and Julia and Enchanted
for those who don't know her)

I love how Amy Adams dresses, just like Amy Adams would, in beige and browns, small pea coats and tailored skirts. Just like she was going to work at an office job!

I love how seeing Amy Adams in the morning makes me happier in my day because I start hearing the songs from Enchanted in my head ('sing a happy little working song',)  and dreaming that this silly little blog would be read by hundreds of people who  like to know how I make crafty pretty stuff (my version) and wish they had my life (my extremely self-centred version.)

Today Amy Adams brought to my attention that Melbournians love colourful umbrellas! We may dress in black year round, and we may have gone a bit crazy for those shorts that came in this summer and have yet to be shelved by most of Melbourne's under-25s, but we all seem to love a good, quirky, colourful umbrella. Amy Adam's umbrella was clear with a white edge and quite domed. Tres chic. Tres Amy Adams in work-wear.

This morning on my (to say the least) not-very-classy train station I saw leopard print, frills, cherries and polka-dots, beer logos on golf umbrellas, rainbow stripes, silver and gold and a myriad of colours. I was quite impressed with us Melbourne, so thank you once again Amy Adams.

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Enthusiastic Hack said...

What? You're not posting any stalker photos of her?