Monday, May 03, 2010

Fashion Projects Continued...

Continuing in the 'Fashion Projects' theme (see a few posts ago) today I read this hilarious article on men's fashion called 'My Week in Catwalk Clothes' by Tim Elliot.

I didn't think the fashion world would be OK with coining the term 'meggings' but apparently it's official terminology.

To throw you a quick quote to whet your appetite (ie. make you want to read the article):

Don't worry: meggings are perfectly safe. According to New York magazine, they can be worn year-round “as a fun way to practise layering, mix up everyday proportions, and stay warm”. Along with other unorthodox items of men's fashion – such as harem pants, fishnet T-shirts and hooded shrouds – meggings are part of what you are likely to see on the catwalk at Australian Fashion Week, which starts on Monday: a bold re-imagining of what men – Australian men, in particular – could look like if only they loosened up a bit. In the words of the New Zealand-born Melbourne designer Brent Zaicek: “Men's fashion has been boring for so long in this country that men themselves are now looking to break out.”

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Dejin said...

(s)meggings! Good grief! If I ever needed a reason to never attend a fashion show, I need that reason no longer. (s)meggings! Really! Well, I never! Lack-a-day! Etcetera!