Friday, May 14, 2010

Imagination and recreation

Some people have brains that work math sums out quick-as-a-flash. Some people have imaginations that design buildings. Some people have minds that take ugly things and make them cute. We, all of us, are creative in different ways. We're an impressive species who makes up for our comparative lack of colour with colourful creations, and clothes and stuff.

Two creative people have impressed me this week.

The first is Yeondoo Jung. She is a very clever digital artist who uses a combination of photography and digital manipulation to create slightly surreal and very beautiful scenes.

In 2005, Yeondoo did a series inspired by her child's drawings. Check it!

The second person is Tim Knowles, who I know about thanks to Three Thousand which I actually started reading again lately. Anyway, Tim gives trees pens and an artboard and lets them express their emotions on paper (my interpretation)

I am quite a big fan of accidental and found art and so this particular way of going about things tickles my fancy. I also like that he couples the drawings with quality photographs of the drawing taking place. Tim has done quite a few projects that are worth a look. He constructs situations using one (or more) random element that produces an entirely unique result every time.

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