Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fire times or For Our Times

Last night was the coldest night of the year, so my colleague tells me. Here are some photos of a fire to make us all feel warmer.

This fire is brought to you by an innovative ex-pastry chef German man, who turned a gas ring upside-down into a soup pot and buried the whole thing under volcanic rocks. A flick of a match and a twist of his wrist and PRESTO fake outdoor fire, good enough to impress your guests and keep them warm all at the same time. Also good for marshmallows on sticks and gazing into.

My plan now is to bully *cough* I mean 'ask' Chamois to work one out for Apollo Bay...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not there yet...

I wanted to be able to come back from the long weekend (Happy Birthday Queenie) with stories of a finished skirt, photos and all...

Instead, I had a lovely weekend that did not include making a skirt, but did include one of the best Sunday afternoons of the year, and a lemon tart.

So I'm still here:

And I'm still looking for a pattern...

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Life is Exciting OR: Doing Stuff with Other People

This past week has been full of doing Things. I'm sure most people spend their weeks doing things, like we do, but it feels like the last week or so have been quite significantly full of Things Happening.

I suppose that's because we, Franklin and I, are going through a period where Things could change greatly, or not much at all until December. There's a lot of 'working out' that's going on. On top of this, there's a lot of Things going on in our family, good and bad. Why is it that Things seem to come all together in a small space of time? Is there some secret reason to this, or do we just notice these things when we stop seeing all the white space and start focusing on the black dots.

I'm not sure where all that philosophising came from, I was going to link 'working out' to bread making and 'working out' how to make bagels...

Instead, let's just jump straight to the bagels!

Actually, I should've said "speaking of black dots... we made poppyseed bagels!"
Oh well.

The recipe came from HubPages and a man called John D Lee. This recipe is simple, quite tasty, and most importantly quite genuinely bagel-like. It also copes well with Franklin using a mix of flours and experimenting as he can't help himself.

Another example of looking at the space or the detail was Monday night (after the best soup of my life for dinner) playing with quilt pieces to work out a design with my crafty-procrastinator friend. However, this is a case for the joy being in the details, and frankly, carpet being quite boring.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm very sorry - but Desert Boots are still Desert Boots

The Vine today are promoting a new Sydney based footware designer Provensen.

Unfortunately when I clicked the link the first shoes I saw were these:

 And sad, but true, all my memories of being made to wear these boots from kindergarten through primary school came rushing back.

It was even worse when I saw these:

 which are basically a 'boot-ier' version of exactly what I used to wear.

These boots have haunted my life coming in and out of fashion. Maybe I should have sought out some kind of fashion counseling?

The day was saved however when I saw these:

I have been looking for some comfy shoes I can wear socks with for winter, and while these are probably not in my league I know I've seen this kind of thing around the city. Actually, come to think of it, those white lacy socks probably give someone nightmares, most the of the girls I grew up with had versions of these..

Otherwise, I was thinking some new t-bars to replace the school shoes I picked myself and am still wearing despite them having no lining and giving me blisters on the base of my foot today...


Yes, I am still wearing these shoes.
They look better in real life.
To me.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Proof - and maybe showing off?

Last night I remembered to snap pictures of me knitting on the train, kinda like proof that I have actually begun what I said I would do. I am now up to about 15cms of back-panel for this little project. Only 15cms to go. I wonder how many nights of 20minute train rides that will be?

I have also come across one of the major challenges of knitting on the train:

The Race to Finish the Row and 
Cram the Knitting Back in you Bag 
Before the Train Doors Close at your Station.

Last night, leaving behind a trail of smoke from the friction caused by my fingers, I won. (yay me!) But I came damn close to not getting off the train in time and so will think twice about squeezing in 'just one more row.'

I suppose I could have left the row half finished... not the best idea though as it would stretch in the bag, and besides, it's fun to set these little challenges for ourselves.

I also made an awesome dinner last night for Franklin and myself, and so redeemed my awful day. Best.