Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm very sorry - but Desert Boots are still Desert Boots

The Vine today are promoting a new Sydney based footware designer Provensen.

Unfortunately when I clicked the link the first shoes I saw were these:

 And sad, but true, all my memories of being made to wear these boots from kindergarten through primary school came rushing back.

It was even worse when I saw these:

 which are basically a 'boot-ier' version of exactly what I used to wear.

These boots have haunted my life coming in and out of fashion. Maybe I should have sought out some kind of fashion counseling?

The day was saved however when I saw these:

I have been looking for some comfy shoes I can wear socks with for winter, and while these are probably not in my league I know I've seen this kind of thing around the city. Actually, come to think of it, those white lacy socks probably give someone nightmares, most the of the girls I grew up with had versions of these..

Otherwise, I was thinking some new t-bars to replace the school shoes I picked myself and am still wearing despite them having no lining and giving me blisters on the base of my foot today...


Yes, I am still wearing these shoes.
They look better in real life.
To me.


Dejin said...

To me, too.

nerines said...

I remember the desert boot, although my parents always got me the sort knowone else was wearing, The not quite desert boot. That's just sad but I can laugh now:)