Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Life is Exciting OR: Doing Stuff with Other People

This past week has been full of doing Things. I'm sure most people spend their weeks doing things, like we do, but it feels like the last week or so have been quite significantly full of Things Happening.

I suppose that's because we, Franklin and I, are going through a period where Things could change greatly, or not much at all until December. There's a lot of 'working out' that's going on. On top of this, there's a lot of Things going on in our family, good and bad. Why is it that Things seem to come all together in a small space of time? Is there some secret reason to this, or do we just notice these things when we stop seeing all the white space and start focusing on the black dots.

I'm not sure where all that philosophising came from, I was going to link 'working out' to bread making and 'working out' how to make bagels...

Instead, let's just jump straight to the bagels!

Actually, I should've said "speaking of black dots... we made poppyseed bagels!"
Oh well.

The recipe came from HubPages and a man called John D Lee. This recipe is simple, quite tasty, and most importantly quite genuinely bagel-like. It also copes well with Franklin using a mix of flours and experimenting as he can't help himself.

Another example of looking at the space or the detail was Monday night (after the best soup of my life for dinner) playing with quilt pieces to work out a design with my crafty-procrastinator friend. However, this is a case for the joy being in the details, and frankly, carpet being quite boring.

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Enthusiastic Hack said...

I like the way you made a metaphorical connection between baking, patchwork and your life.
it worked well. good post