Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Proof - and maybe showing off?

Last night I remembered to snap pictures of me knitting on the train, kinda like proof that I have actually begun what I said I would do. I am now up to about 15cms of back-panel for this little project. Only 15cms to go. I wonder how many nights of 20minute train rides that will be?

I have also come across one of the major challenges of knitting on the train:

The Race to Finish the Row and 
Cram the Knitting Back in you Bag 
Before the Train Doors Close at your Station.

Last night, leaving behind a trail of smoke from the friction caused by my fingers, I won. (yay me!) But I came damn close to not getting off the train in time and so will think twice about squeezing in 'just one more row.'

I suppose I could have left the row half finished... not the best idea though as it would stretch in the bag, and besides, it's fun to set these little challenges for ourselves.

I also made an awesome dinner last night for Franklin and myself, and so redeemed my awful day. Best.

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Dejin said...

It WAS an awesome dinner. I attest to it!