Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today through a blog, linking to another blog etc. I found this picture.

*sigh* What a space. I LOVE the picture shelf, the white surfaces, the soft light and the sense of oodles of SPACE. Like Pip at Meet Me At Mikes, I too like to get into my comfy clothes (although harem pants are not my thing) when I get into making stuff. This space just softly radiates comfortable and makes me wanna go home and sew!

I also like that it could be the kind of space someone who keeps their fabrics in their linen closet (me) could have, but is not the sewing space in a cupboard extreme...

Actually, I have just spent over 15 minutes of work time looking at the lovely blog the above picture came from, and I don't want to stop. This blog is gorgeous, well written and just one of those blogs that is very difficult to stop looking at. You should all go look right now. I'm going to try and resist doing the same or I won't tick anything off my to do list today...


Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Creative Space

My Creative Space is a 'Featuring:' this week. And this week it's Featuring: Franklin

The first attempt at home-made crumpets is one very worth documenting with it's own post. Hopefully this is a new family tradition for holidays, following on from the crepes and chocolate ripple cake of my childhood holidays.

This past weekend, Franklin found the site of Not Quite Nigella who has a recipe for crumpets on her amazingly pretty and delightfully full of cupcakes website. This recipe is excellent, and well worth trying if you have the time, and a whole bunch of egg rings.

This is the first lot - you can see they're kind of thick but puffing up nicely.

Demonstrating the remove egg ring and flip (or is that the other way around?) technique.

They certainly tasted wonderful, but they didn't quite have that myriad of holes that crumpets usually have to soak up the butter and honey. The addition of some extra milk worked a treat.

Mmmm, looking good....

Oh yeah! So tasty and so RIGHT they needed to be shown to the world right away.

I call this 'crumpets with a view' hehe

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Going away, away over there

I must be coming down with something as I feel hazy. Hazy, and like my short-trip holiday days were weeks ago and not just yesterday. I wanted, at the outset of my holiday to photo journal it and how 'super fun' it was, today I want to go home and have a sleep and not work until 5:30pm inserting slides into a workbook.

We did have a wonderful time, there were cuddles and sunshines

and rain-times and parrots. There was reading and knitting

and baking like you would not believe, both in quality and in profusion

(top to bottom: cherry bagels, olive and garlic fougasse, home-made crumpets, lemon meringue mountain pie)

There was walking,

and chasing (possibly pregnant and) definitely paranoid cows

The black dot is the cow.
There was sewing dresses for sisters

and sewing cushions for couches

(do you think I'll get a prize for squeezing Frankie into the pic??)

There was whittlin' and quite a lot of hypothetical firing possums out of potato guns - I'm not exactly sure how that came up.

Nasty looking knife you have there...

And Jonny found a teeny-tiny yabbie which will populate our dam all by itself - is the theory.

There was no leggins dancing which was sad, there was no beach walks or waterfalls, no climbing the hill to see the dam which I was definitely going to do, and there was definitely no shortage of relaxing. I wanna do it again!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So, thanks to Amiriche who sent the link and got us all inspired to Join In, I got a slim-line package in the mail this week.

Fun!! So the theory goes I draw/sketch/write and generally decorate the Sketchbook until I have to put it back in the mail in January. Ami and Franklin are both doing this little project too, so hopefully we keep each other motivated and drawing..

My Sketchbook theme is Inside/Outside.

I am quite excited, although I am suffering blank sketchbook fear at the moment, and it probably didn't help that I looked at a little bit of these, other people are posting what they've already done on the ArtHouse Co-op website.. they're very good. But, it's all coming together to inspire me (I think... I hope?) and this long weekend I plan to put pen/ink/lead to paper and BEGIN!

Wish me luck. I'll also be knitting, sewing cushion covers, going for long walks, sitting by the fire, doing things around the house and Relaxing. I'm sure I'll keep you updated.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Amateur Hour at the Bakery

So, back in May I made a cake for my future-sister-in-law and my Mum. And, I thought I blogged about it because it was my first try with sugar paste and it was not bad, not great. This made me more excited to blog about the cupcakes I made on Friday as a follow up type post: 'Amateur Hour continued...' or something actually snappy and impressive.

However, I had a look and have found that I didn't blog about the cake at all! I wish I could make myself feel better by eating one of the cupcakes I made..

Anyway, the baby shower was lovely, full of presents and chatting, large pink balloons and too much afternoon tea. My unending gratitude to amiriche, penguin vic and Joce for their culinary assistance.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

My Creative Space

This week I've decided to start playing along, in the spirit of Joining In, which is something I said I'd do after spending the day doing this. A friend of a friend of mine does this 'my creative space' blog topic every week, so this is mine, but I'm renaming it 'My Virtual Creative Space' cause I haven't done much physically creative this past week, but I have done quite a bit of making invitations:

It's all about babies this week with the above being the graphic I developed for the baby shower invite I made for a friend. The patterns are all from a website called 'Art Gallery Fabrics' which is 100% worth visiting 'cause it's so pretty!! Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog I'm quite happy with how the invite worked out, but I really need to get focused on actually buying things like paper plates, pink balloons and the like.

On the flip-side my niece is turning 3 in a month and DOES NOT WANT TO BE A PRINCESS. Instead, she's having a pirate party.

Argh. Unfortunately Ollie is into The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and didn't want my artistic impression of her all dressed up as a pirate on her invitation.

But I still got to play with the typography, which I enjoyed. I had to cut off the rest, privacy etc., you understand, only pirates are invited. (Aside: I hope no one comes dressed like a vegetable dressed like a pirate...)

The end.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

And away we go...

Pack five girls (ladies??) into a car and troop off to Daylesford to visit the last day of the Lark garage sale, generally gad about some, and expect great times.

Several note worthy experiences:
1. Lark Sale and Store, both teeming with cute things. Pressure's on to open my own store full of things as every time we seem to go to a place like this my friends tell me which parts of it I should include in my store. (Just so you know, said store is at this moment something quite firmly imagined and not nearly close to being possible)
2. The General Daylesford Sunday Market was NOT having a bad day.

3. Veggie samosas from the First Organic Van Ever rock out a cold day walking through the market.

4. Muffins, if they could be hot, would not make you 'a player' when compared to above samosas.
5. Cafes with no atmosphere can be improved if you create the atmosphere...
6. One male waiter in Daylesford is very cheeky.
7. Small girls can burp extremely loudly.

8. Someone in Daylesford is amusingly political:

9. Really Good Days can make you feel like you've had a real holiday.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Ministry of Funny Walks

Walking to the station from work on a Friday night, listening to Planet Funk's 'Where is the Max' I find myself in my very own Ministry of Funny Walks skit. Someone walks past me swinging their arms far to high to be effective, but they're alone and don't seem to be laughing. This causes me to look around, instead of at the footpath. I catch up with a woman who's walking like she's been on her bike too long, and has a red light flashing on her backpack.

A group of three Asian girls go past, one playing an acoustic guitar, one with coffees and one with three handbags.

Closer to the station I pass a lady with a big wicker washing basket slung over one shoulder.

As the music plays I realise my walk too has changed from the leaving-work-late-on-a-Friday amble to one more in time with the beat in my ears and the groove of this crazy city.

- Done