Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Amateur Hour at the Bakery

So, back in May I made a cake for my future-sister-in-law and my Mum. And, I thought I blogged about it because it was my first try with sugar paste and it was not bad, not great. This made me more excited to blog about the cupcakes I made on Friday as a follow up type post: 'Amateur Hour continued...' or something actually snappy and impressive.

However, I had a look and have found that I didn't blog about the cake at all! I wish I could make myself feel better by eating one of the cupcakes I made..

Anyway, the baby shower was lovely, full of presents and chatting, large pink balloons and too much afternoon tea. My unending gratitude to amiriche, penguin vic and Joce for their culinary assistance.

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Aqua said...

These don't look amateur at all....as a matter of fact I was telling Bek about them a few days ago when we were talking about ppl who are good at making cupcakes!