Wednesday, July 07, 2010

And away we go...

Pack five girls (ladies??) into a car and troop off to Daylesford to visit the last day of the Lark garage sale, generally gad about some, and expect great times.

Several note worthy experiences:
1. Lark Sale and Store, both teeming with cute things. Pressure's on to open my own store full of things as every time we seem to go to a place like this my friends tell me which parts of it I should include in my store. (Just so you know, said store is at this moment something quite firmly imagined and not nearly close to being possible)
2. The General Daylesford Sunday Market was NOT having a bad day.

3. Veggie samosas from the First Organic Van Ever rock out a cold day walking through the market.

4. Muffins, if they could be hot, would not make you 'a player' when compared to above samosas.
5. Cafes with no atmosphere can be improved if you create the atmosphere...
6. One male waiter in Daylesford is very cheeky.
7. Small girls can burp extremely loudly.

8. Someone in Daylesford is amusingly political:

9. Really Good Days can make you feel like you've had a real holiday.

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