Thursday, July 15, 2010


So, thanks to Amiriche who sent the link and got us all inspired to Join In, I got a slim-line package in the mail this week.

Fun!! So the theory goes I draw/sketch/write and generally decorate the Sketchbook until I have to put it back in the mail in January. Ami and Franklin are both doing this little project too, so hopefully we keep each other motivated and drawing..

My Sketchbook theme is Inside/Outside.

I am quite excited, although I am suffering blank sketchbook fear at the moment, and it probably didn't help that I looked at a little bit of these, other people are posting what they've already done on the ArtHouse Co-op website.. they're very good. But, it's all coming together to inspire me (I think... I hope?) and this long weekend I plan to put pen/ink/lead to paper and BEGIN!

Wish me luck. I'll also be knitting, sewing cushion covers, going for long walks, sitting by the fire, doing things around the house and Relaxing. I'm sure I'll keep you updated.

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