Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Going away, away over there

I must be coming down with something as I feel hazy. Hazy, and like my short-trip holiday days were weeks ago and not just yesterday. I wanted, at the outset of my holiday to photo journal it and how 'super fun' it was, today I want to go home and have a sleep and not work until 5:30pm inserting slides into a workbook.

We did have a wonderful time, there were cuddles and sunshines

and rain-times and parrots. There was reading and knitting

and baking like you would not believe, both in quality and in profusion

(top to bottom: cherry bagels, olive and garlic fougasse, home-made crumpets, lemon meringue mountain pie)

There was walking,

and chasing (possibly pregnant and) definitely paranoid cows

The black dot is the cow.
There was sewing dresses for sisters

and sewing cushions for couches

(do you think I'll get a prize for squeezing Frankie into the pic??)

There was whittlin' and quite a lot of hypothetical firing possums out of potato guns - I'm not exactly sure how that came up.

Nasty looking knife you have there...

And Jonny found a teeny-tiny yabbie which will populate our dam all by itself - is the theory.

There was no leggins dancing which was sad, there was no beach walks or waterfalls, no climbing the hill to see the dam which I was definitely going to do, and there was definitely no shortage of relaxing. I wanna do it again!

1 comment:

Dejin said...

I like my knife!

Your photos always make my food look very good, dear.

Big ups to PenguinVic for that MONSTER lemon meringue. It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.