Friday, July 02, 2010

Ministry of Funny Walks

Walking to the station from work on a Friday night, listening to Planet Funk's 'Where is the Max' I find myself in my very own Ministry of Funny Walks skit. Someone walks past me swinging their arms far to high to be effective, but they're alone and don't seem to be laughing. This causes me to look around, instead of at the footpath. I catch up with a woman who's walking like she's been on her bike too long, and has a red light flashing on her backpack.

A group of three Asian girls go past, one playing an acoustic guitar, one with coffees and one with three handbags.

Closer to the station I pass a lady with a big wicker washing basket slung over one shoulder.

As the music plays I realise my walk too has changed from the leaving-work-late-on-a-Friday amble to one more in time with the beat in my ears and the groove of this crazy city.

- Done

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