Thursday, July 08, 2010

My Creative Space

This week I've decided to start playing along, in the spirit of Joining In, which is something I said I'd do after spending the day doing this. A friend of a friend of mine does this 'my creative space' blog topic every week, so this is mine, but I'm renaming it 'My Virtual Creative Space' cause I haven't done much physically creative this past week, but I have done quite a bit of making invitations:

It's all about babies this week with the above being the graphic I developed for the baby shower invite I made for a friend. The patterns are all from a website called 'Art Gallery Fabrics' which is 100% worth visiting 'cause it's so pretty!! Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog I'm quite happy with how the invite worked out, but I really need to get focused on actually buying things like paper plates, pink balloons and the like.

On the flip-side my niece is turning 3 in a month and DOES NOT WANT TO BE A PRINCESS. Instead, she's having a pirate party.

Argh. Unfortunately Ollie is into The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and didn't want my artistic impression of her all dressed up as a pirate on her invitation.

But I still got to play with the typography, which I enjoyed. I had to cut off the rest, privacy etc., you understand, only pirates are invited. (Aside: I hope no one comes dressed like a vegetable dressed like a pirate...)

The end.

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Dejin said...

I am TOTALLY showing up as a vegetable dressed as a pirate!!! You are a GENIUS, Bear. A GENIUS!!!