Thursday, July 22, 2010

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My Creative Space is a 'Featuring:' this week. And this week it's Featuring: Franklin

The first attempt at home-made crumpets is one very worth documenting with it's own post. Hopefully this is a new family tradition for holidays, following on from the crepes and chocolate ripple cake of my childhood holidays.

This past weekend, Franklin found the site of Not Quite Nigella who has a recipe for crumpets on her amazingly pretty and delightfully full of cupcakes website. This recipe is excellent, and well worth trying if you have the time, and a whole bunch of egg rings.

This is the first lot - you can see they're kind of thick but puffing up nicely.

Demonstrating the remove egg ring and flip (or is that the other way around?) technique.

They certainly tasted wonderful, but they didn't quite have that myriad of holes that crumpets usually have to soak up the butter and honey. The addition of some extra milk worked a treat.

Mmmm, looking good....

Oh yeah! So tasty and so RIGHT they needed to be shown to the world right away.

I call this 'crumpets with a view' hehe

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