Friday, August 27, 2010

Pom Poms how I love you!!

Remember making Pom Poms in Primary School? Winding and winding and winding?

So awesome.

Someone clever has thought up a cool way to use Pom Poms - in Garland form!

How pretty! On top of this, there's a very clever little 'pom pom maker' that makes the whole process much easier. Or so I'm told. The good thing about Pom Poms is they don't mind if you make them with cheap acrylic yarn from that local 'we sell everything' kind of store, cause with Pom Poms it's all about colour.

I definitely will be buying a Pom Pom maker or two and suggesting this as decoration for any one of the weddings I help with until someone agrees!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Here be germs...

Franklin has germs, so we're hitting the end of a week of no kissing in my household. It's very hard to do, after almost (1 day to go) five years of (awesome) kissing and living with my ornery husband, I am happy to say I miss the kissing a great deal. Seems like I'll need many more years of kissing before I've had enough... Love you Gizmo, Happy 5th Anniversary for tomorrow.

Poster unknowingly courtesy of: Robot-Uprising Thanks.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Up, up and Away...

This week I have been busy putting things together for a couple of people that I love. I'm thinking actually, I'm pretty good at this vector drawing people now... anyone got ideas how I could make a lot of money out of it? Or at least enough money to afford a tablet to draw with instead of a mouse?

It's windy up there... but I think these two are still recognisable... Sam was the hardest to do - go figure..

And now for a sneak peek of what this is all in aid of..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To make you happy

Sometimes, when you've had that coffee you didn't need and you are needing an interesting job to do, rather than copy, paste, email, repeat you are grateful for a moment that encourages reflection, soothes your soul and inspires you to do better, to be greater, to expect more, to rest, to smile, to laugh and to hope.

The thing I love about the blogs, and feeds I follow is that each have the ability to take me out of myself and put me back together more peaceful, more happy.

Watch the below video, yes this kind of thing has been done a lot, but it improved my day so I'm sharing it.

let yourself feel. from Esteban Diácono on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Friday, August 06, 2010

Flinders Lane

This is probably one of the best photos of Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD I have seen. I love story telling photography... don't you feel like the fates of the beret girl and the boy in the shirt and tie are linked inexplicably? *sigh* I hope this story has a happy ending.

The photo is by photographer Andrew of Cuba Gallery. He's a New Zealander and other than knowing how to take photos, he knows how to use Adobe Lightroom.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


So, I have discovered another thing to be addicted to.


Pretty clothings and accessories all laid out for you to choose and pull together into outfits to your hearts content. And it's free!

My first attempt I have called 'Winter Street Walking'

I couldn't choose which boots to go with so I put them both in. This outfit needs black tights and possibly a long sleeved black t-shirt to go under the dress for warmth. The hat adds a touch of whimsy. The satchel contains incredibly intelligent things written down on loose pieces of paper in pink and black pen and a beaten leather notebook and a banana. Can you feel it?

I'm starting to think this outfit is friends with India Jones...

Monday, August 02, 2010

The weekend...

My friend went away for the weekend and messaged me to find out what she'd missed. While typing my emailed response (I couldn't quite come at texting it) I thought, 'I should blog this email to record the weekend that was and say goodbye a bit.' This is not the best idea I've had because now I'm a bit teary at work, but here it is anyway.

Sorry I didn't respond to your msg about the weekend.. nothing huge has happened (that I know of) that you missed this weekend. The only thing that has made this weekend hard is that we had to put TC down and Gemma is looking like she's not far off that either, she got a big infection in her face that makes her look like she has had a stroke and it's very sad.

So, Ollie's birthday was nice, The Wedding was nice, Sunday was a homemade authentic Mexican food fiesta which was awesome but made me sick, as well as getting my period Sunday and generally being sad it wasn't my favorite weekend by a long shot. And Franklin is going to Bendigo and Ballarat this weekend so I'm a bit irrationally sad about that even though I know it'll be fine.

I still can't quite believe it. I'm sad I didn't have time to say goodbye properly but I'm so glad we got to live with you and all the funny catching mice stories and snoring into my face times and wonderful memories were worth it.