Monday, August 02, 2010

The weekend...

My friend went away for the weekend and messaged me to find out what she'd missed. While typing my emailed response (I couldn't quite come at texting it) I thought, 'I should blog this email to record the weekend that was and say goodbye a bit.' This is not the best idea I've had because now I'm a bit teary at work, but here it is anyway.

Sorry I didn't respond to your msg about the weekend.. nothing huge has happened (that I know of) that you missed this weekend. The only thing that has made this weekend hard is that we had to put TC down and Gemma is looking like she's not far off that either, she got a big infection in her face that makes her look like she has had a stroke and it's very sad.

So, Ollie's birthday was nice, The Wedding was nice, Sunday was a homemade authentic Mexican food fiesta which was awesome but made me sick, as well as getting my period Sunday and generally being sad it wasn't my favorite weekend by a long shot. And Franklin is going to Bendigo and Ballarat this weekend so I'm a bit irrationally sad about that even though I know it'll be fine.

I still can't quite believe it. I'm sad I didn't have time to say goodbye properly but I'm so glad we got to live with you and all the funny catching mice stories and snoring into my face times and wonderful memories were worth it.


BaSiL said...


It sucks bad.

Thanks for your weekend post, because I missed it too. Which means I also missed saying goodbye which was hard. Dinner at db's tonight to see Gemma.


BaSiL said...

also, Franklin being away means there is more spare time in the week to see ME. Yipee.

amiriche said...

It's the pictures of TC that make me the sadist. Poor little TC she made such funny noises.