Thursday, September 09, 2010


Yes, eating.

This blog is for Ali who wanted to know what eating at Nobu was like. And for Ami who promised Ali I would blog the experience for everyone.

Ali, what can I say - it was great! The only one left hungry was Ami - but what can I say, you know she's a machine.

In order of dishes, we had: Nobu style shooters with sea urchin, new style sashimi with white fish, miso chips, whole baby barramundi with sake soy and ginger, tempura dinner and sushi dinner. We also had dessert, which was green tea trifle mousse and something like a japanese nutella donut, which was better than any donut I've ever eaten, but that's not saying a whole lot as my favorite donuts come from Foote Street in Frankston and I haven't had one of those in years.

To rave a little bit more, which I feel is needed because this is a post for someone else, the food was superbly presented, everything was very balanced in flavour and size. The miso chips were a very pleasant surprise for us all, as I think we were expecting 'chips' to actually apply as a description of the dish. I would recommend trying the specials that the waiter recommends, as everyone thought the Nobu style shooters were amazing.

I also recommend going with someone who has never eaten sushi, or plainly, raw fish before for their facial expressions and how impressed they'll be. Don't make the mistake of letting this person be someone who hasn't had eaten it because they're afraid of new and different things, I think that would ruin the whole experience for everyone as sharing food seems to be a common style of eating at Nobu, not just for us.

The other thing I liked about Nobu was how enthusiastically every member of staff called out 'irashaimase!' to the new patrons. I think that kind of thing could ruin the atmosphere, because it means a lot of yelling, if not done so well as it was. The thing I didn't like about Nobu was the 90's American pop classics play list that was constantly there under the babble of chatter.

I also ate at the Graham last weekend, in Port Melbourne and would highly recommend the place - superb service (even though there was a flood out the back), and fantastic food, like really fantastic.

Here's wishing for better food for everyone from me.

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