Friday, September 03, 2010

My Creative Space

This week is the final week for the invitations, which means it's printing time! I enjoy printing time, it's that final chance to get things looking right on the paper, double checking that the time and date have been put on the invite, spelling mistakes hiding anywhere? Things always go hilariously wrong at some point, but weirdly enough I actually have a secret love of printing mistakes. I have a small collection at home of cool textures and patterns made by misprints, I would like to get them framed up and display them somewhere.

You would not believe the number of phone calls I had yesterday from the groom; Should we change this? Can we add this? Can you just text me what you think it should say? Argh! But happily, we're all sorted today for printing. As long as the rest of the printing goes smoothly.

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objectsofwhimsy said...

nice work I love your colour palette with that paperstock.