Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I would like this book for my birthday. (I am happy to get it for myself, please don't feel like I'm 'dropping hints,' I just wanted to convey how much I like it. No one will believe that, as it's coincidentally my birthday in 9 days... oh well)

Remember that game where a group of you would write a collaborative story only knowing the last word used by the person before you? And did you ever do the same thing with drawings? Well, this book is both those games by 100 people who can actually draw, so it's MEGA. And it's PRETTY. And you know I love pretty things.

Currently the creators are touring the book across blogs, which is another collaborative and clever idea. Design for Mankind, who writes in a voice just like Amiriche's, is the first tour stop. Read her interview with creator Julia Rothman.

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amiriche said...

Has anyone put their hand up to get it for you yet? Franklin maybe?