Thursday, October 28, 2010

w00t - l00t!

I'm not sure about the title of this post - bit wrong in that 'dad joke' kind of way.

Oh well, moving on.

Today I found some useful things made fun (and more useful) with knitting. Do you feel knitting and knitted things are more a winter/autumn thing than a spring/summer thing? I do. I get too hot knitting when the weather's warm, the idea of warm cozy things make me feel sticky.

However, facing a weekend which is promising 'a weeks worth of rain in one day' (thanks Melbourne) I'm thinking maybe Saturday is a good day to get some extra rows done before packing the whole project away for the colder seasons of 2011.

Storing up ideas for next winter however, check out these clever ideas! Casamania, an Italian interior design company that make lots of fun things. These chunky knits makes me feel cozy immediately! I wonder what they look like with a light on inside them? (thanks Bholu for hearting this)

How fun! Definitely do-yourself-able. However, Franklin would (if he were here) ask me to make you promise never to do that to your power cables... like, never never.

I think Franklin would like this for the jasmine tea at his work desk habit he's got going on. Simple classy design, and no occupational health and safety risks in these promotional images! Paige Russell is one clever Canadian.

And last but not least, a project I could (maybe) make myself, seeing as I love small sized things (reward of finishing something happens much quicker,) and I love Totoro.

Hello Yarn even tells me how, it's just a matter of skills and reading the instructions carefully... hmm.

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Dejin said...

You must all promise me never to do anything like that with ANY sort of cable. Never, not ever.