Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nice things twisted...

Mum has these lovely old books from when she was a child that we loved all over again when we were kids. Books that come from a time when the fact that they were 'in colour' was worth mentioning on the front of the book. Even now when I look at them I love them, but then I think of a different caption for the image and I ruin it. I'm sure you've seen those vintage pictures with new and mostly rude/cheeky captions on cards, fridge magnets, notepads etc. Glitch has one about Sally rippin it up in the playground that makes me laugh every time.

The problem is, I'm terrible at them. The things I think of make me giggle, but they lack the finesse and brevity of a truly masterful caption. For example the original innocent caption:

My alternative caption: John didn't care that a learner must always be accompanied by a fully licensed driver.

Not funny. But sadly, I made myself giggle.

Original image and caption:

My caption: OK, so I can't think of one but I know it would have to have something about planting marijuana...

Maybe I should stick with saying how lovely these are as illustrations, and leave the devious thinking to someone else. What do YOU think?


amiriche said...

My caption: Teddy, we can make yummy cookies for muumy with these plants!

delia said...

hehee - good one!