Friday, January 07, 2011

Cooking It Up for Christmas

So, here's what Basil and I cooked up for Christmas 2010. Cupcakes three ways.
Cupcake 1: Pink Champagne
Cupcake 2: Margarita
Cupcake 3: Lavender Pear Bear

Lavender Syrup is quite easy to make, lavender heads, sugar, water. However, while it looks OK in the photo, I initially took this photo to portray how ugly making lavender syrup is, when it seems like it'd be such a nice thing. The syrup comes out a fairly sick yellow colour - but smells and tastes amazing! 


The lavender per bear cupcakes did no turn out like they should have
(see above contrast with the pink champagne ones.) They were quite tough, and for some reason the white chocolate dipping part failed completely, so no photos here of that!

The lavender pear bear cupcakes are topped with lavender meringue and then dipped in white chocolate - except our weren't as for some reason (probably me using olive oil not vegetable oil) the chocolate mixture didn't work.


Margarita cupcakes looked amazing, tasted like lime-y greatness, but fell short of first prize.


Winner of the Best Cupcake of the Day Award: the Raspberry topped Pink Champagne


My favorite photo from the day, other than the million of cute ones of my nephew, Franklin sleeping on the couch, still in full party dress :)

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