Thursday, February 24, 2011

A little 'How To' in My Creative Space

Do you remember this?

Well, I finished! It is at home drying so I can mount it and frame it, but it's done! Hell yes!

Yes! I finished! And today, off the back of that success, and the fact that I have unknowingly inspired my work colleague to start being crafty, I'm feeling great about it! So here's a little 'how I started my next project' via photo montage.

Pick an image, high contrast is good, print it and frame it with double-sided sticky tape. Then lay the aida cloth over the image, making sure you put some tension into it if, like me, your cloth is not flat as a tack. I'm doing this at work in my lunch break, so you'll understand why I don't have an iron handy!
Grab your awesome fine marker (erasable by water) mine is by Chako Ace, and I think I bought it at Spotlight, and trace the image. PS. I love this marker.

 See, I made lots of mistakes and just used a wet tissue to start again. The downside is waiting for the cloth to dry.. boring!

Check your tracing against the original and make sure you're happy with it, make a few of your own edits if you want to - I did.

Pick your colours! Two purples, two yellows and a blue. Today's colours are inspired by The Sartorialist who recently posted a group of images in ladies wearing the mustard yellow/blue combo in London. So. Nice. 

Then, begin! This is the bit that takes a long time.. good for train rides though!

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Just so I can remember this moment

Please note, this is one of those blog posts you do for yourself to look back on and see that 'this was the start of something.'


This week (it's Friday) I went swimming twice. Once on Tuesday at North Melbourne Swimming Pool. And once on Thursday at Altona North Bay Fit.

I did many stretches on Thursday night after swimming.

My back does not hurt as a result of this exercise. Coming out of a fairly bad start to the year back injury wise, I'm hoping things are up and up from here.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

Image sourced from akutoulovesyou

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Creative Space

It's my nephew's birthday, and I just can't decide what would be a great present. I have a couple of ideas, and a bit of time on my hands at work as well. Knowing that it won't last, and hating being bored, I have started an 'ABC' poster. I am up to here:

Then I had the thought to write out all the letter with the animal/object/mineral/vegetable I was going to draw. Now I am stuck. I can't think of what A should be, and as a result I have lost my flow. Got any ideas?

My thought was to make a final product that looks colourful and busy like:

But obviously more 'me' which is a long way from either of the above images, but it's a work in progress.

Creator of the concept 'my creative space' - Kootoyoo!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Getting Away from It All

A weekend away is like a precious stone you hide buried in the ground, until you pull it out and clean it off you forget quite how wonderful and beautiful it is. Some of you will be laughing at my metaphor now, but I stick by it as a good illustration of my point. I ALWAYS forget how nice it is to get away just for the weekend, and so often it seems like too much trouble to organise, and maybe we'll miss some fun times in the city... etc.

Here are some photos of the last weekend away we took, the weather was strange and misty, the company was 5 star and it was very hard to go home.