Thursday, February 24, 2011

A little 'How To' in My Creative Space

Do you remember this?

Well, I finished! It is at home drying so I can mount it and frame it, but it's done! Hell yes!

Yes! I finished! And today, off the back of that success, and the fact that I have unknowingly inspired my work colleague to start being crafty, I'm feeling great about it! So here's a little 'how I started my next project' via photo montage.

Pick an image, high contrast is good, print it and frame it with double-sided sticky tape. Then lay the aida cloth over the image, making sure you put some tension into it if, like me, your cloth is not flat as a tack. I'm doing this at work in my lunch break, so you'll understand why I don't have an iron handy!
Grab your awesome fine marker (erasable by water) mine is by Chako Ace, and I think I bought it at Spotlight, and trace the image. PS. I love this marker.

 See, I made lots of mistakes and just used a wet tissue to start again. The downside is waiting for the cloth to dry.. boring!

Check your tracing against the original and make sure you're happy with it, make a few of your own edits if you want to - I did.

Pick your colours! Two purples, two yellows and a blue. Today's colours are inspired by The Sartorialist who recently posted a group of images in ladies wearing the mustard yellow/blue combo in London. So. Nice. 

Then, begin! This is the bit that takes a long time.. good for train rides though!

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