Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Creative Space

It's my nephew's birthday, and I just can't decide what would be a great present. I have a couple of ideas, and a bit of time on my hands at work as well. Knowing that it won't last, and hating being bored, I have started an 'ABC' poster. I am up to here:

Then I had the thought to write out all the letter with the animal/object/mineral/vegetable I was going to draw. Now I am stuck. I can't think of what A should be, and as a result I have lost my flow. Got any ideas?

My thought was to make a final product that looks colourful and busy like:

But obviously more 'me' which is a long way from either of the above images, but it's a work in progress.

Creator of the concept 'my creative space' - Kootoyoo!


Naturally Carol said...

Not sure exactly what you are after..just thought a for anaconda...alligator..aardvark..antelope...ant?

spectacularfairywren said...

a is for apple traditionally.

if to be edumacational - perhaps a is for a%$@hole or angry or addicted....?

L'Atelier said...

i also thought of apple... but anaconda, aligator or antelope is much more fun
love the idea and you got great beginning! looking forward to seeing the finished design!

delia said...

Thanks! I like anaconda and antelope too! Thanks very much for the great suggestions!

Maybe I should do a grown up, or a pre-teen 'abc' poster to edumacate about arseholes or addicts? Could be fun twist on the tradition. A bit sad though...

Lauren said...

hello there.

I have been doing a is for... ALLL WEEK with my students! i was totally thinking of getting ollie some wall decals of the alphabet and numbers but if your doing a poster than i could do something else... hmmm... good-o.

A is for Alex! That could be funny.