Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Big Day

The final 'big day' has come and gone for the last of my little band of brothers. It was everything I was hoping for Bingley and Jane, my new sister, and I'm fairly sure they enjoyed it fully. Some small moments from the journey to the wedding day:


There were so many moments of genius in preparation for this wedding, but in my mind, the prize goes to the groom for thinking of 'the swing' (pictured above) which he constructed and mounted to the ceiling beams himself. Pure genius moment. Totally perfect for the 50's garden party theme, and totally fun to sit on.

And for a small, selfish moment as I sit here and type, I am jealous of you both on your extended, sunny, coastal honeymoon holiday. While I am sick and at work.

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amiriche said...

Simply magical!

Perhaps you and Franklin could have a second honeymoon :P