Monday, May 02, 2011

Handy for warm handsies

So, further to persisting and having it pay off, I have knitted three gloves. Yes, three. And in one long Easter weekend. Two for me:

and one for Franklin:

Now I know that it all looks very selfish of me to make only one glove for Franklin, while both my hands are toasty warm, but hear me out. Franklin now has two gloves, mine was the second. They are very similar except they were knitted three years apart and by two different people. Mine is to the pattern, except for my stuff ups and reinterpretations (no stripes) and the fact that I used the wrong wool (I love it when so many wrongs make a right, knitting can be so forgiving) and Sair's is longer (up to the elbow) and stripey and I forgot to get a photo of it. Sorry.

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