Thursday, May 12, 2011

Layering up for Winter

The 'other day' was my brother in law's birthday, otherwise known as Wall, he doesn't like birthday presents so I was going to make him a cake. Instead we watched Tohoshinki's (TVXQ) concert "4th Live Tour 2009 - The Secret Code - Final in Tokyo Dome" or was it JYJ's "Thanksgiving Live in Dome" concert? Either way, while Franklin snored, it was just as enjoyable as desert and lasted longer than cake would have.

The long version of this story is that I did Google a cake, and found a custard cake I thought looked worth trying. A mix of creme caramel and cake, surely the ultimate cake? It was certainly fun to make, which I did but don't tell Wall. 

Pretty much you'll find all the instructions and pictures you'd like to see here where I found the recipe, but I like taking pictures of the process for myself - so I'm putting them here.

This cake turned out exactly how the instructions said it would, but I found the custard too egg-y for me, I'm not sure if I made it wrong or if that's how custard when you don't make it with custard powder is? Either way, i wouldn't mind making one with custard powder custard another time and seeing if I can't get the texture more creamy.

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