Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Melbourne Winter

This winter in Melbourne everyone is wearing duffle coats. And don't think I'm exaggerating when I say everyone. I blame the hipsters and their moustaches. I'm not sad though, I love duffle coats, they're warm and have hoods more often than not. They remind me of schools days and Paddington Bear and drinking scalding hot lattes in huddled groups under cover waiting for the rain to stop. All those who wore duffle coats last winter can give yourselves a cheer, or a sedately cool pat on the back for being fashion forward a season. Well done kids.

Boys are in desert boots, or leather boots of the same simplistic styling, jeans of course, beanies and scarves. There's plenty of checkered flannel shirts circulating, with chunky knit jumpers and cardigans to compliment. Navy, black, grey and hunter greens.

Girls are buying grey skirts in every corner, woolen and long if possible. Dresses have sleeves and I'm really enjoying this winter's colour pallette. Ankle boots and oxford styled heels tramp the pavements, along with the many poor footware choices so commonly seen in Melbourne. I'm not sure if this is an everywhere thing, or just a Melbourne thing - but there's so many ugly shoes out there! (sorry Melbourne, I do love you) Winter in Melbourne requires chunky jewellery and brightly coloured scarves to break up the blacks. I'm hoping for another well represented rainbow of umbrellas too this year Melbourne.

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Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Great to know what to wear to be "in" when I'm down in Melbourne later this winter :)