Monday, July 04, 2011

Thinking thinking

So the other night, after Franklin and I went to bed (don't worry this is a C rated story) we were basically asleep when Franklin had to take a call. So instead of sleeping, which is hard to do with someone on the phone next to you talking business, I lay there and let my brain wander.

It's quite amazing the pace at which we can think. The way our mind contains many multiple facets of thought in just once instance. The creative thought, the analytic part weighing it's validity, the organisational part pulling out a list of materials needed, as just one personal example.

Spending half an hour in quiet and unregimented thought was quite refreshing and constructive, and I realised it's actually been ages since I sat still and let my brain wander. It's amazing how valuable taking time and space can be. I think
I'd forgotten lately that I could be creative and unique, and I'd lost touch with the 'thing' which energises that part of me. Do you do this? What's the word for the 'thing' - do you know?

So anyway, I thought of Things To Make, so I have another craft (hence the 'C' rating on the story) shortlist in my head and I'm quite excited.

Just possibly it will be worth watching this space.

- Done


amiriche said...

I think the 'thing' you mention is passion in its rawest form.
Taking the time to sit and think and allowing our minds to wonder is what makes creative people creative, I think.
I enjoy letting my mind wonder, especially while sitting in a cafe or at the library. Those are my favourite places to stop and let the walls of my mind relax and allow for my mind to start wondering, wondering of all the possibilities!

delia said...

hmm, yeah, sounds like it. Sounds like I've got to find myself a space that I can dedicate to the purpose too! Speaking of coffee - I'm about to have one!