Wednesday, September 07, 2011


I'm starting to feel a bit claustrophobic in my house. There's too many things everywhere and I think the bike being kept in the kitchen isn't helping. I keep seeing these beautiful clutter free houses on Pinterest and they are making me jealous.

In reality my house is semi neat, especially after Suada comes and cleans things, but this is a bit of a warning for those who live me with me (Franklin) even though you don't read my blog. It must be SPRING CLEANING (read clearing out) season... because we have too much STUFF and a BUNCH of it needs to GO!

Does anyone want to help?

This is not an actual question/request, as the risk of incurring The Wrath of Franklin is very great, and I wouldn't risk any one of your lives over the state of clutter in my house. Well wishes would be very welcome however! As would any ideas of how to get the bike out of the kitchen.

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amiriche said...

I'd help, I think I could handle Franklins wrath... especially if we add cidar ^_^

You could start opening the windows all the time and when asked say that it makes the place feel cleaner and less cluttered *shrugs* might be a good hint for him.