Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tell me... or in fact, really, please don't...

Today during our lunch break, the 'new guy' at work told me he has decided I'm a very straight forward person, very direct, and that some people can find that confronting. He also compared me to someone I've met twice, a mutual acquaintance, saying I am quite like her. When asked if he finds me confronting, his answer was yes.

This, after having just described himself as 'soft' and 'gentle' and how he knows as soon as he uses those words, people interpret them to mean whatever they think they mean. A colleague said 'are you saying you're a pushover?' and he said no, and used that as an example of how different words mean different things to people.

Isn't it interesting when people you hardly know decide it's OK to tell you to your face what kind of person they've decided you are.

I keep wondering if I wasn't pregnant (and more emotional than usual) would I still be thinking about this?

Actually, as I think about all of his conversation over lunchtime, I'm quite annoyed. Grr.

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