Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting Crafty

So no, I didn't get started on anything crafty this past weekend. However, starting on Monday night isn't too far after the weekend so I'm really not kicking myself.

Finally! It was a bit of an uphill mental push for me, but luckily Franklin was there and this project is our 'do it together' project. I made all the right noises like I wanted to do it, even though a big part of me wanted to flake out on the couch, so he got us going. And it was so fun, and it's so quick to quilt with someone else!

We split the tasks; Franklin cutting and me ruling and sewing. I finger pressed and Franklin ironed. He even let me do the funnest bit of laying out one whole block on the table so we could see what it is going to look like.

So, without further ado, tada!

Sorry for the bad mobile-phone-camera taken-at-night photography...

The pattern is call 'trailing star' and our blocks are quite large - you can see how it dwarfs the sewing machine. This, and a quite few more squares cut out, is as far as we got in about an hour. This was taken at 9pm, so with packing up and being Monday-night-tired we called it a night. I'm really excited about how nice it's going to be as a final (and pretty large) quilt. Having picked the fabric together, and the pattern together, it already has a really 'us' feel to it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holy Crap and Bias Binding

Please excuse my momentary freak-out, but I just had a bit of a realisation (you can say 'about time Zoƫ' if you want) but:

There is someone alive inside me right now...

so weird...

In other news, I am finally getting around to facing that I need to start making things. I will start with the gift idea I have had sitting on my shelves for AGES for a friend who is pregnant also. I think I have been procrastinating because it involves me making bias binding. And I really think it looks hard to do.

I have found some detailed instructions online however and have it in my mind to start tonight, or this weekend...