Friday, December 23, 2011

The end of 2011...

Well, it's almost here. The end of 2011. Has it gone quickly? I don't know. A lot has happened this year.

I was trying to do that math about how 'far along' I am in my head last night - I told someone 24 weeks this weekend, but is that right? Isn't 24 weeks 6 months? So I think I must be wrong because it's not until mid-Janurary that there will only be three months to go, but I have made the executive decision NOT to think about 'how many weeks' or 'how long to go' or 'what the hell is going on in there?!'

So officially, after an 11 o'clock meeting, I am on holidays!

Here's some things I've been doing in the last month, just cause I finally pulled them off the camera. Firstly, ginger bread stars! Yummy ones too. Franklin and I made them together and it was quite fun. I downloaded and printed the tags from Love vs Design which is a site I have only come across recently but have bookmarked because it is VERY cool.


I'm continuing working on gifts for friend's babies. I'm two babies born down from five between today and my d-day.

I finally got around to using some birthday money to frame up the Florence Broadhurst wallpaper I bought a couple of years ago now - doesn't it look lovely!? I am enjoying them above the bed everyday. So nice!

Finally, and most importantly really, I'm hoping for a lovely and blessed Christmas Day and New Year for everyone. There seems to have been so much calamity this year, and I saw on the new this morning that Darwin is expecting a cyclone for Christmas day, but my prayers are that even if just for a little while, a real sense of peace is felt.
Much love to you all.

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