Friday, January 20, 2012

New for 2012

Well, I have been meaning to post about what I got for Christmas and how camping was, and how much I love Apollo Bay and holidays in general, how I just slipped into the third trimester without really thinking about it, how excited I am for my cousin who is expecting her baby girl in 6 weeks, how Franklin bought me a sparkly ring, how Glitch is expecting her second due in July and finally how I have actually got back into creating and finished knitting a beanie for my little chilli-pepper.

However, I kept getting stuck on the fact that I hadn't taken a photo of my awesome Christmas present and I didn't want to try and explain it just in words.

Today however, the creator of my awesome Christmas present posted photos of what she made, and even wrote a little bit of a blog about it. Thank you very much to BaSiL and Curly Pops for my lovely present, it works perfectly! And I love it.

Isn't it cool!?

So, what was on the rest of that list again?

 Oh yeah, camping, but I have photos of that too which I want to upload... so until next time!

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