Wednesday, February 01, 2012

10 weeks notice

So I worked out the other day, I have just over (2 days) 10 weeks to go until I 'pop'!!
(Gosh, I really hope there's no 'popping'... where did that term start anyway?!)

This Saturday coming is our first Childbirth Education Class (1 of 2) I remember booking them last year and thinking how far away it seemed, and now, it's three days away.

The number of hilarious stories I have heard about these classes means I'm quite excited to experience them for myself and have my own hilarious stories to share. Believe me, I'll feel quite put out if nothing funny happens.

Franklin is not so much looking forward the classes, but I think it mostly has to do with the idea of watching a birth on video. I have told him about there being lots of blood during the process and some of the hilarious but awkward stories I've heard. In hindsight, this was probably not the most well thought out thing to do. Other than that, I think we're both feeling quite intimidated by all the unknowns. I'm assuming they run these classes so you feel better about the whole process, while at the same time you feel worse but there's time to get used to the idea before it happens to you.

The other day Franklin said to me something like 'at least you don't have to watch it' meaning of course that my head won't be down the 'business end' of giving birth. And while at the time I replied 'well, you can just stay next to my head too if you want,' later I thought about how actually, while I may not have to have to watch myself give birth from the end which is messiest, I actually AM the 'business end,' the middle, and the head of this giving birth endeavour, so not having to look at something kinda icky is quite a small mercy.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Franklin feels after the class and what he has to say.

On to less gory things, but still about 'popping' - I have been making popcorn a lot lately. I don't know why, I've not particularly been craving it, but it is super easy to make and serve to people who are invariably happy to munch on it. I have now made it enough times that I think that I know the recipe without looking, but actually I really don't, and when I'm wrong the popcorn doesn't turn out as great as it should.

I found the excellent recipe - maybe 'method' is a better term? - from Simply Recipes which is a fantastic recipe blog. She has unashamedly titled the method 'Perfect Popcorn' and I would have to agree, especially when I've followed the method correctly. And now that I've pulled up the page, I see I didn't remember the recipe right last time - so that explains that.

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