Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A mad dash recap of Christmas 2011 and January 2012 holidays featuring probably too many photographs

Check this out:

First there was Christmas lunch where Franklin's job was to make dessert and my job was to drive us to the in-laws and back, eat lunch including my once-a-year indulgence where turkey becomes a vegetable (it's a Christmas miracle! ... I'm sorry turkey) and consume much dessert. Franklin made fruit-surprise pies. The 'surprise' being which fruit your pie contained due to, well, no one measuring amounts properly and last minute fruits being found and thrown together. They were yum!

Second, there was a lot of rain. And a bit of waiting until the rain stopped to go and get in the car and drive to my folk's place for dinner. Franklin and I were on entertainment for the evening and we kicked it off with a joint craft project heavily inspired by Lovely Design's activity here. While LD's are much, much prettier than ours, everyone had fun decorating them and they looked very nice hanging across the living room.

Then there was more food, games, drinking, laughing and presents including: a full dinosaur costume for the nephew; my awesome camera bag; Franklin's camping chair and many other lovely present-y surprises.

On the 27th we packed and on the 28th we jumped in the car and headed off to Aire River camping ground. We started with four of us, gathered 12 people somewhere in the middle of the 10 days and finished with seven. Highlights, in a vaguely ordered way were:

Jaffles hot from the coals, damper (mostly) cooked in a camp oven eaten with butter and honey. Heavenly food stuffs.

Long walks to the beach on sandy roads. Seriously, 20 minutes walk (more if you're pregnant) each way to the beach on a dry, hot, sand road only suitable for 4-wheel drives brings you to a wild but secluded bit of ocean to sit and watch the sunset, soak in the cool breeze, chase waves and let off some pre-NYE fireworks. Totally worth it, and good for your core muscles.

Beautiful sunset skies that went on forever, becoming glorious star-filled skies when the sun finally gave up showing off.

Major relaxation times with lilos good for both naps and cruising on the river.

Fishing, fishing and fishing, not catching much and being eaten by mosquitoes while you're at it. This was not an activity for me, I was at base-camp reading one of the 6 books I had brought and enjoying a complete lack of nasty mosquitoes and flies and bugs.

Polaroids. Enough said.

The Boat.

The Boat's Maiden voyage. Look Mum - she floats! Unfortunately she leaks, is very hard to paddle, and unfortunately didn't bring success any to the fishing adventures.

And that just about wraps up the holidays except to say that after we camping at 20-something weeks pregnant for 9 night and 10 days, we drove half an hour to our holiday house and had the NICEST showers, ate a lovely lunch with the American cousins and continued relaxing for a few more days. Sleeping in beds, having access to clean running water and a flushing toilet and luxuries I really appreciate. My back did not play up, the baby did not suffer any ill effects from eating camp food, and I managed to not gain any Christmas weight! All told, it was wonderful, if a few nights camping too many to have been perfect.

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