Thursday, May 03, 2012

One Month In... or And Life Will Never be the Same Again...

So... a bit of radio silence from me on this blog - can you guess why? Well, yeah, I never got to even consider going away for Easter because Matilda Angelina, from here on referred to as The Mouse or just Mouse, was born on the 30th of March at 12.10am. A full two weeks early.

She's wonderful and definitely a gift from God. I can take no credit to take for how amazing and perfect she is. Right now she is one month old, is 'sleeping' (I can see waving hands from where I'm sitting..) in her bassinet and snorkelling away through a stuffy nose because she has a cold. Poor little mouse.

I had planned so many posts to this blog for the two weeks I was supposed to have before she came - as it was we hadn't even finished the nursery! My lovely mother, BaSiL, and my brothers did that for us while Franklin, the Mouse and I were in hospital. I didn't sew anything. I didn't read up on what it is like to have a newborn in your house. In fact, instead of having two weeks to feel like I 'had it together,' the Mouse came and I've spent the past month learning what not having anything together ever-at-all feels like. Sure, I've occasionally patted myself on the back about something, but honestly, the next day (or minute) I had to take my pats back and start again.

Franklin is much more the 'confident parent' and it's not without a twinge of nerves that I farewell him every day he goes to the office leaving just the two of us at home. It is amazing to me that the Mouse is a month old, I feel a definite sense of accomplishment just having helped her be alive for a whole month. The last week of pregnancy was a bit stressful with her being underweight, Franklin and I hurrying from scans to appointments and finally being told she'd have to come early as she wouldn't survive labour at full term. When we brought our tiny (skinny) baby home from the hospital it was on a tight feeding regime with instructions not to let her cry as it would use energy she needed to feed. The relief on our faces when the Maternal Health Nurse weighed her and she'd put on weight! Finally!

So now we're on track and getting used to each other and used to not sleeping all that much (that's just me actually) and learning to ride the ups and downs. Franklin and I are nutting out our new relationship, there have been some ups and downs there too, but at the end of the day when we're both in bed it's all good. Also, amusingly, we've started patting each other (in our sleep) when the Mouse cries and we wake up either patting or being patted. It's nice though, it makes it easier to get out of the warm bed and venture out into the cold night to feed the baby. The twenty steps between bed and baby can be quite a challenge. Once you're in either place it's great, but the journey between is cold and it can feel like a prohibitive distance at times.

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