Friday, June 22, 2012

Laughter (Month 3)

The Mouse laughed her first laugh today, for her Nonno (grandpa) after a bath (which she cried through) It's such a cute laugh, totally a chuckle.

I stood at the bottom of the stairs and listened and cried, because I can't climb the stairs and so I missed it.

I am currently an elderly person. I am using a walking frame and (gasp) a commode to go to the toilet.

On Monday I got up out of bed and my back spasmed. It kept spasming over and over until we called an ambulance and they gave me drugs to numb some of the pain. Then they made me get off the bed and climb down our stairs and go to Williamstown Hospital. It was much worse than labour, much more painful, for a point of reference for those who know what labour is like.

I have only just started to be able to walk and get, by myself and with minimal pain, in and out of bed.

The hardest part is not being able to look after the Mouse. We have moved to my parents-in-law's house and I now have plenty of time to read books, wash my face and moisturise! It's funny how you wish you could do these things while you're healthy and looking after your baby means you don't have time, but when someone else is caring for her because you can't, you realise you don't really care about the state of your face. It'd be much nicer to be able to rock her when she cries, and be there for her first laugh.

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