Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mother's Group

So, The Mouse and I went to our first Council sponsored Mother's Group today. The 2pm start fell nicely between feeds and The Mouse slept through most of it.

My observations from today:
1. Every single woman was wearing jeans. I secretly assume we're all still wearing our maternity jeans, mostly because I want not to be the only one. I also secretly assume most of us chose jeans today instead of tracksuit pants because, typically women dress for each other.

2. It takes two to make a conversation. When you run out of questions to ask someone there's an awkward silence where the other person is supposed to question you back. I used to feel like I must be to blame for the lack of conversation, but now I feel that it's only fair to expect the other person to show a little interest in me in return for my interest.

3. Plenty of mothers formula feed their babies. Some by choice, some due to illness, some who don't like to share their reasons very loudly. I heard that the official stats are about 5% of babies are formula fed. In my Mother's Group there are 12 women, and 4 formula fed babies that I noticed. That's one third, and I was concerned I might be the only one or that they might be suss about how we ended up there.

4. Breast feeding is not easy, even of you have a nice amount of milk (not too much, not too little) The general consensus is that the hospitals gloss over many of the details and difficulties, the pain and the steep learning curve.

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Katho said...

I love hearing about your new adventures with mouse. I watched a show you might be interested in on iview called "is breast best?" by this awesome down to earth journo named Cherry. She's really super non judgmental and honest and also shares her own experiences of trying to breast feed but it not working so moving on to formula feeding. I found it really interesting. Hope your well :) so much love to you!