Thursday, May 31, 2012

Month two!

So, maybe I'll average one post a month here? This morning's post is courtesy of a very-small-Mouse sleeping past her expected time to eat. I'm wondering if she isn't a bit more attached to her 'routine' than we realise as she's on the path to re-set her eating times to closer to what's been usual for the past week. Eh, who knows?!

I've become much more used to my new life, still not exactly used to the sleep deprivation but things are much more steady.

I've even sewn some bibs out of old t-shirts and toweling. They're quite cute actually, even though they're sometimes crooked and unevenly stitched. If the Mouse wasn't currently asleep on my lap I would take a picture but as it is, you'll just have to believe me.

Centrelink has finally gathered themselves together to pay my parental leave soon, two and a half months in, so our financial knuckle-scraping might ease off. The worst part has been that we're not used to being short and keep thinking we can afford stuff. The best part is we're being inventive and creative with what we do have and I'm pleased to know we're up to the challenge, even if our minds are a bit slow catching up.

She stirs! And what cute stirring. But no, she's not awake yet.

Yesterday was Franklin's birthday. We saw lots of family, ate lots and laughed quite a bit. This year's 'chocolate cake with green icing' was delicious and the 'green' was a frog.

I'm feeling a bit like I should be making the most of this sunshiney day and hanging the clothes out instead of sitting here under the Mouse... I'm pretty sure she'll wake up if I put her down but time to find out I reckon -

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