Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Four and a half months, or, Losing my hair

So what happens when you finally get through the first harrowing 3 months of your child's life? Your hair starts to fall out.

I'm seriously considering emailing Basil to warn her I may have none left when she gets back to Australia. I'm sitting here typing and tumble weeds of my hair are rolling past me, and I swept today! I shower at the pool and debate not washing my hair as I'm embarrassed about how much hair will end up in the plug hole and I don't want to have to fish it out cause, well, ew.

I have joined a Mum's Group, a new one, due to my back going and it seems that no one else is losing their hair, so clearly, I'm losing enough for them too. I didn't really have any idea of how MUCH hair I have (had?) until it started coming out, and then kept on coming out. I have a new appreciation for what it says in the bible about God numbering the hairs on your head. That's quite a bit of arithmetic these days I'm sure!

I have managed to start sewing again - the fateful dress for my niece aside, I have almost two pairs of baby shoes done, they're just waiting on velcro bits and for me to stop writing this. Exhibit A and B. Also I'm making a pattern for a dress from a Country Road one we inherited from Franklin's boss' now ex wife (we're not expecting to inherit any more clothes now..)

It's because I need to use my BRAIN! Now I'm getting sleep at nights (Thank You Apollo Bay and my Mum!) I'm finding that there's a part of my brain that is itching for exercise. I can understand mums choosing to go back to work now. Organising and problem solving were a part of my every work day, but sorting laundry doesn't really cut it in comparison. So we'll see; maybe I'll freelance a bit, maybe I'll just sew (yay!) or maybe life will throw me a new curve ball.

The Mouse is great by the way. She smiled at the 'baby in the mirror' for the first time yesterday, hasn't rolled over yet really, loves cuddles and going out, and people, and books, and her cousins. I'm enjoying how she is starting to really know me and know me from others and I guess you could call it 'love me back' - its nice and warm-and-fuzzyish.

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