Monday, September 17, 2012

5 months and counting

I finally made it back here to post about the 5 month mark because I thought of a quirky-slash-funny way to look at the developments of the past month. But now I've forgotten what it was.

So, that's not awesome.

I guess you could sum up the past month in three points, teething, eating and sleeping. There are still no teeth officially, but they are making their presence known and Franklin and I have come to the conclusion that they're getting ready to pop out all at once in a 'never before seen medical phenomenon' kind of way, every parent wants their child to be special, clearly we're no exception. I do secretly expect them to pop out two at a time in the usual way, but it's fun to dream big.

We have well and truly started solids, which out of context means nothing and sounds hilarious, but when I say 'we' I mean 'The Mouse' and when I say 'solids' I mean what the is technically called mushed up fruit and vegetables, and the occasional meat product.

The sleeping part is less interesting, so let's just say we're re-adjusting a little.

In more interesting news, I have started on a play-mat slash quilt for the bottom of the pram too. I got Sair to help me with the initial setup and layout, and so now I'll sew it together and then take it back to Sair to help with the quilting bit and binding to finish. My aim for this quilt is that it would be kept in the pram or the car and used as a playmat or to sleep on/under and be frequently in the washing machine. The batting is just polyester so should wash well. Let's see how I go finishing it...

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