Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Hospital Fishtank - a belated 6 months update

I was full of lovely emotions heading into The Mouse's 6 month-aversary. I had big plans of making a cake and a little speech around the family dinner table. Of shedding a few joyful tears and wondering about the clarity of hindsight. It was such a lovely day all planned out in my head.

Instead, we woke up at 4.30 in the morning to a groaning and crying baby. So sure, she went back to sleep for a while before we figured out what was going on, because after all, she is who she is. After her post 4.30am nap, we realised she wasn't moving her left arm. 

Now to 'time travel' to the night before, you have to know we were running late for an engagement party and we were bringing TM. I had put her in her pyjamas, my mum had just shown up to get a lift with us to said party and I was hurrying. I pulled out the puffiest (think duvet style) coat TM has and scrambled her into it. About the time I pulled her left arm into the coat, she started wailing. Now, we all thought she was tired already, so this just confirmed it and in the end I put her to bed, my mum stayed with her and off to the party Franklin and I went.

Turns out I had pulled her elbow out of its socket when I was putting her into the coat. Turns out it's amazing she slept until 4.30, let alone let us put her back to sleep again.So, instead of the day I had planned in my head, we put our child gently-gently into the car, and gently-gently drove to the hospital.

The new Children's Hospital is lovely, and thankfully due to the AFL Grand Final being the day before, the emergency room was also empty. The nurse fixed up TM's arm in a snap (probably the worst analogy I could've used there) and we were home in time for church.

Happy 6 Months My Mouse.

Author's Note: I have been writing this post for a whole month now... and I just shook my head at myself. I'm having trouble finding the way I'm writing things, and what I'm writing interesting. Don't get me wrong, I love my baby and I even kind of love writing about her here, but at the same time I think I'm hitting the facts from the wrong angle at the moment. Hopefully it's not forever.

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