Tuesday, October 30, 2012

7 months

TM is 7 months today, she's sitting really well and Grandma says she's about to crawl. She's certainly mastered moving backwards, but like a lizard, not on all fours.

Today she refused to be fed by me, from a spoon, but rather fed herself. A sign of things to come?

We're heading off to Apollo Bay for the long Melbourne Cup weekend, with some cousins and Lola and Nonno. Franklin is promising to bake bread for us. Yum!


So, TM (The Mouse) hit an age where, when you'd give her a toy she'd take it, turn it around until she found the manufacturer's tag and suck on that. Toys became a vehicle for the tags, and not at all interesting in and of themselves. Toys without an interesting tag, were not interesting toys. She's actually still in this phase, so that's about a month, a month and a half? I assume toys will be interesting again soon, for their own merit, but in the mean time I realised why people make those toys with ribbons poking out all over them.

So I made my own too. Verdict: She totally loves it.

It was especially useful when we were at my Oma's funeral this past month, because it's a quiet toy and it helped keep TM occupied throughout the service.

I actually sewed a cellophane bag into the guts of the toy too, so it makes a soft crunkle-y noise. I used ribbons of different sizes and textures and even a strap I had with a press-snap in it, which makes it easy to attach to the pram or whatever.

In case it's at all useful, below is a list I thought up of useful-slash-essential toys for the post-three-month and pre-nine-month old baby.

1. Two fabric (or plastic if you have to) books. The one The Mouse loves is brightly coloured and has a mirror in it and different textures etc.
2. A soft toy with a bell in it, something easy for small hands to hold on to.
3. 'Sophie le Giraffe' - pretentious but useful and very cleanable. All the waffle they write up on the box about this toy has proven to be factual for us, I would recommend it.
4. Those colourful and differently textured plastic links, cheap and super useful. Also good for affixing a blanket to the pram canopy, and a bit nicer than pegs and they'll stay on better.
5. Teething toys, simple soft plastic filled with water, perfectly sized for putting in mouths.
6. Something that rattles, and crinkles - like a Lamaze toy but nothing too huge (ie. it's easy to hold onto.)
7. Something with ribbons and tags like the toy pictured above. I say, make your own, but I'm not sure everyone else collects ribbons like I do...
8. A ball, or something that rolls but is easy to grab. We don't have anything like this, and I'm wishing we did.