Monday, November 12, 2012

Drawing, maybe it's a thing I CAN do after all these years

I remember thinking while I was in Uni, that if I was going to be a good illustrator, I probably should be one 'by now' and that maybe I should peak my self-expectation at drawing for my kids, like my mum did.

I'm very glad I didn't do that. I love drawing and experimenting with textures and mediums. I have had many opportunities to draw and illustrate for my work over the years, and throw in a few drawing courses and an interest in photography and I can look at my handiwork and know I am better than just being able to accurately draw a horse or dog or flower for my kids.

I have recently done two drawing as presents for friends. The first was the image we used on my friend's baby shower invitation. There's certainly a few mistakes in there, and I haven't quite worked out how to come to terms with not being able to ctrl-z or edit curves and line weights. The down-side of being a graphic designer using a pen and paper? Also, I'm not sure what the code is with re-drawing - does a drawing still have a soul when it's the fiftieth clone of your first attempt in which you accidentally (gasp!) coloured out of the lines?

If I was working and had access to CS5 (Adobe Creative Suite 5) I would've used Photoshop to make the invite look better, but maternity leave has left me with just Illustrator 10 (!!!!) on my 4-year-old laptop so 'bumps and all' was how it had to be. As an aside, this totally blows. Limited to this way of working has not been very conducive to a peaceful household. Sorry Franklin!

This one was for some friend's who just got married, I think it turned out super cute. I hope they liked it, I haven't heard yet (the wedding was just on the weekend)

If you would like to hire me to draw you something, or as an illustrator, please contact me!

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